Thursday, April 29, 2010

Project 365 day 82

M made this dish. Pig blood and mung bean noodles stirfried with some scallions. It was very very tasty! Uwajimaya has some good pig blood too.

Project 36 day 81

I mowed the lawn today (omg, time for that again!?). Our plant in the backyard is blooming these gorgeous flowers!

Porject 365 day 80

We went to Kobe Sushi and Katsu for dinner again. I find it amusing that they let you grind your own sesame seed for their Katsu sauce. I had alot of fun playing with this lol.

Project 365 day 79

Went with some good friends to Seastar in Bellevue for Restaurant Week. It used to be the fanciest restaurant in Bellevue, but with the invasion of El Gaucho and the stuff at the Bravern, it is no longer haha. This is grilled trout. Was quite good.

project 365 day 78

Strawberry, Blueberry and Banana smoothie :D

Project 365 day 77

>( I am such a slacker haha

I got this keychain for Ninja from DC due to Tochi's good suggestion. He likes it alot haha.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project 365 day 76

Another sake. This one is a Ginmai, it is extremely good. Ninja says he asked the wine dude for a sake that was as smooth as the Kikusui (extremely smooth and light) but with more bold flavor. The wine dude recommended this. it is pretty tasty for sure, mostly cause i can't taste the alcohol very much haha.

Project 365 day 75

Some more additions to the sake theme. This one is also a Nigori(cloudy and sweet). I think I picked it because the bottle looks cute. The sake is just ok. It is indeed very sweet but also kinda burns going down, not very smooth. Also the rice flavor is very strong.

Project 365 day 74

Crazy stuff they sell at the company store -_-

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project 365 day 73

The George Washington Masonic Memorial. Built by the Freemasons. This place was really off the beaten path. We drove by this place while on the way out of old town Alexandria and decided to check it out. It was actually very interesting, full of artifacts and information about the masons.

Project 365 day 72

A feet picture :)

Project 365 day 71

The DC metro station. I really liked the roof.

Project 365 day 70

First day in DC, Kung has filled his fridge with lots of goodies for us! He is gonna have a heck of time getting rid of it hahaha.

Project 365 day 69

Group of statue in the Seattle Airport. Kind of remind me of mushrooms.

Project 365 day 68

Today was the official end of service for the original Xbox live. Also, tax day! Our building held a huge party to honor both events. Look at the top right corner for the gigantic cake. It was half chocolate, half normal with black frosting that turned everyone's lips and tongues black. -_-

Project 365 day 67

Our test manager has been bringing these tea bottles to our weekly meetings. They are actually quite delicious, I highly recommend it. It is some fancy black tea picked by 7 virgins from like the godly tea leaves of Java or something.

project 365 day 66

My work is full of frustrations like this. This happens for absolutely no reason! Maybe I secretly created the first 3D phone -_-

project 365 day 65

ok so I am terribly behind again. But today, there will be a feast of updates haha

I saw this interesting fruit at the supermarket the other day. NOt sure what it is, but it sure looks gnarly.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project 365 day 64

Washington's Skagit Valley is famous for having the largest tulip farms in the country. They supply tulips even internationally, (to Holland?). Every year around this time, the tulips will be blooming for about 2 weeks before the farmers cut them down to sell them. So people come from all over to see the giant fields of tulips. We made a trip this Saturday as it was very nice weather. I thought this pic was appropriate haha.

projecty 365 day63

Day 2 of Hail in April

project 365 day 62

Hail in the middle of April, nuff said

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Project 365 day 61

After using my crappy "came with the house" showerhead for like 5 years I finally upgraded to this awesome one. I saw it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and it is called "Rainfall" and only has 1 setting: pouring rain. This is just what i wanted, a straight downpour of hot water, not a single droplet going to waste. It was very awesome!

Project 365 day 60

I went to see the touring Broadway production of Dreamgirls tonight. It was an awesome show. The costume, the dancing and the singin was all super exciting. This musical is very different from all the other ones I have seen before as it is full of R&B, Blues and Soul music. The divas poured their hearts out. I really liked the set as well, it was simple and elegant, yet very flashy when it had to be. I highly recommend it!

project 365 day 59

Today was a momentous occassion!! Duke won the NCAA championship!!! *fanfare* I can't believe it has been for so long. We went to see the game at Buckley's in Downtown Seattle which was pretty full of Duke fans. It was a really close game coming down to the wires. These games are always extremely fun to watch abeit nervewrecking. Also, having picked them to win the championship (I pick them every year) put me at the #2 spot at our bracket pool! I WIN!!
Oh yeah this pic was taken at Kushi Bar, a Japanese street stall style restaurant in BeltTown. It has what is suppose to be menu items on the wall, but I don't think I saw any of these on the menu -_-

Monday, April 05, 2010

Project 365 day 58

This is technically the same night as the Irish pub pic, but since it was taken after midnight, I am gonna say it counts for the next day haha. I sneaked a pic of this group of people coming out the movie theatre. This weekend is SakuraCon in Seattle. But since I didn't really venture outside I didn't feel the full force of it until now haha.

Project 365 day 57

Today is Easter Sunday, now I never really considered this as an official holiday because well, we don't get the day off and there are no sales ;). However, today was the first time when I really felt the presence of this holiday. We were meeting up to eat at Z'tejas, ye of the famous corn bread and apparently they close for Easter Sunday! Who would have known? also, a bunch of bars and clubs were also closed for this day. It took 2 tries before we found this Irish pub that was open, where I took a pic of the candle light on our table.

Project 365 day 56

hmm this turning rapidly into a food blog -_-. Was making breakfast this morning and I thought these two eggs formed a Ying Yang sign. It must be an omen!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Project 365 day 55

Ninja had some Nestea sweet tea powder in his place so today he made some. I didn't realize instant tea was so easy to make. Although this tasted exactly like the ones in a can haha.

Project 365 day 54

I went to Wibbley's Gourmet Burger for lunch today. It is a small burger joint in that plaza on the cross street of 24th and 140th. This is a mushroom burger with a side of onion rings. It was decent burgers. The burger was nothing special although they did give me alot of mushrooms. The onion rings was awesome.

Project 365 day 53

Sigh I keep falling behind. EvilLile is now ahead of me. boo
Anyway, this painting was hanging in the doctor's office that I went to this morning. I thought it has a nice combination of colors.