Friday, May 21, 2010

Project 365 day 101

This is my team playing Whirlyball for our morale event. This is the first time I played this bumper car + lacrosse + basketball hybrid. It is really quite fun!

Project 365 day 100

To commemorate this momentous occasion. I am posting a pic of this double yolk egg I cracked the other day. what luck!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

project 365 day 99

I got lazy again and am behind on posting pics. This is my post 99. We got Alan Wake today, I can't wait to play this. Suppose to be a super scary game. Well by playing, I mean Ninja will play and I will watch under the blanket.

Man, I have to think of something good for post 100!

Project 365 day 98

I live in a kind of a open room with 4 cubicles. Since we kind of face the entrance to the stairs we are always in a constant battle to redirect traffic so people don't use our cube as a shortcut hallway. We had the whiteboards up for a while, and today we moved this giant ikea cabinet to the otherside. Lets see if it will help. As you can see behind the cabinet, the cube room next to us had doors installed. bastards!

Project 365 day 97

My officemate downloaded and made this pop up paper cat and put it up under her wall cabinet. It is so cute!

Project 365 day 96

We stopped by the UW street fair this weekend. It was a really gorgeous day for some walking outside. For lunch we decided to eat at Thai Tom, one of the best Thai restaurant in town. Much better than the fair foods. This place is a hole in a wall in the U district. Above is the picture of lone chef cooking at his station. The food was delicious!

Project 365 day 95

It was my friend Cloud5Six's birthday. We went to Wild Ginger in Bellevue. It is kind of a fancier version of PF Changs. Here is a shot of some sake everyone drank. One is a Ginmai, the other is pear flavored.

Project 365 day 94

We had a party on our field for the launch of the Kin phone. They invited these punk/circus group? to perform. The band played this funky jazz music while people on stilts performed acrobatics. It was quite entertaining!

Project 365 day 93

This is my friend Diana's shoe. They are Manolo Blanc. Very fancy and apparently costs at least $400. It is sad that Ninja knows more about shoes than I do.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Project 365 day 92

Mount Ranier as seen from the I-90 bridge.

Project 365 day 91

A beautiful day at Seattle Center fountain. WE walked by after watching Iron Man 2 at the IMAX, now that was a pretty fun movie. I really loved all the computer projection that he can manipulate. That is soooo awesome.

Project 365 day 90

The first beautiful day in ages~ This is sunset over Lake Sammamish. I underexposed it a little here. The actual scene was much brighter.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Project 365 day 88

M bought these flowers today. I thought the contrast between the flower and the vase color is really beautiful.

Project 365 day 87

A fine perk of this summer that is in name only. God I hate the weather, typically the day will go from cloudy to rain to hail and then back to sunshine in a couple of hours and it is hella cold all the time.

Project 365 day 86

A school of puffy fish outside of the Pacific Science Center. We drove there after work to get Imax tickets for Iron Man 2 this sunday. yay!!

Project 365 day 85

This was more of an exercise in playing with camera settings. The table light at Sushi Maru where we ate dinner before seeing Kick Ass. I had to dial down the explosure level way low to get this shot.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Project 365 day 84

As an appropriate conclusion to the last bunch of food posts. We decided to have vegetarian night to compensate for all the crazy eating out. Eating out really doesn't give you enough veggies, especially American food. Here we have stirfried pea vine, stirfried bok choy and spicy cabbage which I made for the first time. It turned out alright, but I put in too much hot chili pepper and not enough vinegar. Better luck next time.

Project 365 day 83

continuing the food theme. Went to I Love Sushi (not the one by the lake) for lunch the other day. They have a lunch special bento for 12.95 and it is amazing. In this box you see, there is seared albacore sashimi, a maguro tuna/salmon sashimi salad, tempura with 3 shrimp in it, a piece of teriyaki salmon, a piece of tamago, some spinach, and 2 giant unagi roll, plus Miso soup, salad and a bowl of rice. -_-.