Thursday, November 29, 2007

OMG Portal is so awesome!

I just finished Portal and I have to agree with Ender, this is like the best game ever!! It is so innovative and funny. I have to admit when I first started I thought it was too easy. Once I understood the way it works I breezed through like most of the rooms with no problem. I really enjoyed some of the later rooms though. Like 17 took me an hour to do but it was really fun. But most of all, it has this incredible, fantastic ending (trying not to spoil). I burst out laughing while I was also shaking with nervousness, and creeped out by the story all at the same time!!! That was like one of the best game I have ever played! (and actually finished ahem). That was time well spent!! :D!!

ok this is hilarious

Dazzleu sent this to me at work. I burst out laughing, how do they think of these things. The guy was a really good sport too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a new low point!

I suppose this day is memorable as well, but for a totally different reason. Yesterday was the day when our trivia team, CCP, LOST a tie breaker for last place!!! This is the worst of the worst. Not only that, we lost it twice!! Our night ended with 33 points. We actually graded our rival's paper so we were joking that we tied for 33 points, what if it was last place??!!! And guess what, it was. D and I were chosen to go up there for the tie breaker. At first we were quite confused on whether the $1 pitcher should go to the team who wins or loses the tie breaker but at last it was decided that it would be the team who wins (highly unfair for a requirement for last place if you ask me). The first question was "in which movie did Arnold Schwazenegger uttered the phrase "consider this a divorce!!". Both of the teams said "True Lies" which was of course wrong!! We had to have a double tie breaker for LAST PLACE!!! The second question was "how many of the Seven Dwarfs had beards". at this point I have to say, we totally lost because of D because D then turned to me and said "well sleepy didnt have a beard" and I said "I know Dopey didn't havea beard". D said "well that makes 5 then". and sure enough we were WRONG!! It was 6 and only Dopey didn't have a beard!!! This is totally D's fault, totally!!!

anyway, so we were left with regretting why didn't we just get one more question wrong and avoided this total humiliation sigh sigh...

oh yeah and the box the waiter gave me for my leftovers was WAY too small even though he assured me it will work. Snoopy spent an incredible amount of energy trying ot pack it in and failed. humph....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One more album

I forgot to post about this one.

This is album of pictures taken at Chicken, Alaska and the way back from Yukon. We took the Taylor Highway, which is also called Top of the World Highway. From the name it sounds like it will be a very high up road with gorgeous view. We stopped at a town before we climbed the overpass to ask about this road, the lady at the gas station told us that there is a 45 degree climb, and it is all gravel and it is so dangerous because you can't even see the ground when you climbing over. As a result, we went ahead with much trepidation and also anticipation of the gorgeous view. But in reality, it was a really tame, road that wounds up some hilly landscape, sooo boring. This teaches to believe people at gas stations!! Anyway, the only highlight of the trip is the town of Chicken, which is just hilarious in its own way, and the lone border crossing on top of the mountain. :D

Top of the World Highway

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rest of the picture

I have made two other albums, one is all the wildlife we saw on the trip. I didn't take most of the picture since our friend had a SLR.

WildLife of Alaska

Here is the pictures of Portage Glacier and Denali National Park, Denali National Park is actually really cool, but the day we went was really cloudy and foggy so the picture turned out to be kinda sucky.

Portage Glacier and Denali National Park


Ok, I have finally felt shame for my negligence of my photos, and since I expect a influx of new photos from the Caribbean, I feel like I better get the Alaskan ones out of way, finally! so here I am starting with my absolute favorite part of the trip, the drive to the Arctic Ocean on Dalton Highway (highway 11). This is the most wonderful part of my trip because I have seen things that are just so amazing and so out of the world that I will never see anywhere else. It is also the most exhausting and terrible part of my trip because it took us 16 HOURS( we started morning of the 3rd, didn't get there until 6 am of the 4th) to drive 400 miles on the worst gravel road ever made and I hated every minute of it and every minute I swear to myself, I will NEVER go back. And finally I just have to say, Subaru makes one hell of a car!

Alaska- Dalton Highway
Picasa doesn't allow embed videos so here are videos:
2 am in the Arctic Tundra

Mosquitos, Mosquitos

I am pretty sure they are sheep!

Some of my favorites:
This is the Alaskan Oil Pipeline, Dalton Highway basically runs alongside it. The red flowers in the back are Alaskan Fireweeds, they are everywhere.

This sign is deceptively full of hope. and I don't happen to have any Actic Circle photos for some reason. Must be in the other camera.

We are only 10 hours away...

Midnight Sun, this is right before we drove through the mountain pass into the Arctic Tundra. At this moment, we were still hopeful of getting there before morning. HA!!

The sunlight basked mountains of the Actic Tundra

The pipeline in the sun

The Polar Bear club (yes you get a certificate!)

Our trusty old Outback after the grueling trip back.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Black Friday

SO Anybody going to do some shopping battle for Thanksgiving? The Best Buy and Circuit City Black Friday Ads are now up on Who is going to brave the weather and the crowd in search of a good deal? :D

I will miss this since I will be on a cruise with M in the Caribbean. Maybe they will simulate one on the ship lol.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

random TV thoughts

Black Hawk Down has the best soundtrack ever!!

Assassin's Creed is soo sexy looking!

Is Beowulf a completely computer generated movie? I am soo confused by the trailer. and is it a good thing the trailer reminds me of a badly done game trailer?

The game playing on the teeny little arcade screen is actually a real version of Guitar Hero playing to the correct notes in The Guitar Hero episode of South Park!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

The Rerun's Are Coming!

I was watching The Daily Show last night as I always do when I heard Jon Stewart say "We might be out next week because of the writer strike". Gasp!! I almost forgot about this. The Writer's Guild is staging a huge strike possibly starting next week, unless some last minute deal can be struck to keep them at work. The dispute is over internet broadcasting rights and fees. The writers wants to get paid for each time a show is shown over the internet as well as other new media like cellphones. The companies thinks it is so new they don't even know it will make money, how can they pay the writers. Therefore, impass--> strike. You know what this means, it will be all reality shows for the next six month ( they don't use real writers), "Daily Show" and SNL and "Colbert Report" and other up to the minute scripted shows will be dark for weeks! Network shows like "House" and "Desperate Housewives" will run out of reserve episodes in a month. and in a year or so, we will see a flood of really crappy movies that were rushed out this month to get ahead of the writer strike. The future looks gloomy :(