Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Project 365 day 104

This is a Tesla, a full electric motor in a body of a Lotus Elise. This one belongs to Ninja's Manager. I've also seen a red one around the garage but couldn't find it today. I have decided this is my dream car! I just have to fork out 120k for one of these babies..

Project 365 day 103

This is Ninja's attempt to make that Pepper/Shrimp dish you can get at Dimsum. It didn't turn out quite as expected since the shrimp meat kinda came apart after steaming. But still tasty lol.

Project 365 day 102

Yes, I know I am extremely wayy behind -_-. It is just a temporary setback. I will catch up again!

My college friend came to visit Snoopy and me this past weekend. We took them to Elliot's Oyster House by the water. They had delicious delicious oysters!