Monday, July 16, 2007

cool co-op

Velius and I were talking about the new Gears of War for PC that is coming out soon and we got to lamenting how there are no more really good co-op games out anymore (GRAW was so painful!). I have been trying to keep up with E3 news this week and I saw this game Left 4 Dead under development.

It seems like the ultimate co-op zombie game! You play 4 survivors fighting off massive amount of zombies or for a change you can play zombies. I was watching a dev interview and it says the zombies have a AI director and are being procedurally generated based on survivor experience so you can never predict them. I think it will be really fun to play when it comes out. The graphics doesn't look too crazy either so our computer can probably handle it lol.


Velius said...

"Based on survivor experience" So...where did they dig up these zombie survivors? =) This looks really fun! I mean zombies + violence = fun. It's the winning formula for just about anything.

Kabitzin said...

OMG that looks pretty gewd. Man, when they went into that first room, all I could think was "THROW A GRENADE IN FIRST!!!!!" I wanted so bad to throw something into my monitor because I just KNEW there'd be zombies there.

The flashlights they are carrying look pretty weaksauce, but using darkness can do a lot to cover up mediocre AI. However, that intense muzzle flare might make turning up the brightness less feasible. I'm surprised the team didn't go in with different weapons. Where is the flamethrower?

Whoever is point would have to have nerves of steel. I recommend Catnip =D.

Being a zombie sounds fun at first, until you get farmed by armed soldiers 50 billion times =(.

Kabitzin said...

BTW, did you read the hilarious comments on the youtube file?

poopynoseboogers Maverick21xx your a pussy. that game is not scary its badass.

i don't want this game because all zombie games are too scary


Velius said...

I think that really depends on who throws that grenade. I mean, I think we have had some "issues" with grenades previously in our coop fps games.....

moonfleck said...

I can be point if you want to hear my scream every 30 seconds. =P

I have since read a more indepth description and you don't play normal zombies, those are always AI, but you can play these 4 zombie bosses so it is more balanced with the 4 players. They don't have grenades just pipebombs and flamebombs.

When I say "survivor experience" i dont' mean real survivors, I mean in the game. Like the AI director keeps track of how many zombies you have killed how long ago, and it will throw more at you if you been relaxing, and take some back if you are about to shoot yourself because of shaky hands.

ender said...

Ah, so you mean the difficulty level ramps up and down like the rubberband AI in racing games. I was hoping it meant the zombies would change attack patterns and strategies based on what your team had been doing. Looks pretty cool, and runs on the HL2 engine, so it should scale pretty well to low resolutions if necessary.