Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One more album

I forgot to post about this one.

This is album of pictures taken at Chicken, Alaska and the way back from Yukon. We took the Taylor Highway, which is also called Top of the World Highway. From the name it sounds like it will be a very high up road with gorgeous view. We stopped at a town before we climbed the overpass to ask about this road, the lady at the gas station told us that there is a 45 degree climb, and it is all gravel and it is so dangerous because you can't even see the ground when you climbing over. As a result, we went ahead with much trepidation and also anticipation of the gorgeous view. But in reality, it was a really tame, road that wounds up some hilly landscape, sooo boring. This teaches to believe people at gas stations!! Anyway, the only highlight of the trip is the town of Chicken, which is just hilarious in its own way, and the lone border crossing on top of the mountain. :D

Top of the World Highway


Tochi said...

Thanks for the pictures! You seem to have all sort of wildlife pictures, but you don't have any of polar bears (not the swim versions). Did you not go far enough north?

This must have been quite an adventurous trip.

moonfleck said...

no, we didn't see any polar bears, I don't think we are northern enough. THe biggest thing I saw in the ocean was birds.