Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I went and saw "Juno" last night. It was a really sweet and funny movie, very irreverent. If you don't know the plotline, it is basically about how a highschool junior got pregnant and found this couple to adopt the baby. Juno is the main character, a slightly weird, very independent, totally reckless kind of a girl who decided to have sex on a whim and then when got pregnant by accident, picked her own adoption couple. Her whole family was a little off kilter and dysfunctional but they have lots of tolerance and love and affection for each other which is really all you can ask for in a family. I really respect Juno alot (well except for the sex education part she missed). She is quirky and cynical, and yet still full of optimism for love. She does what she wants and doesnt' care about anybody else's opinion. I wish I could be more like her in spirit. All in all, a great movie! Very deserving of the Oscar nomination.

P.S> my other sad thought is that I am so old i can no longer understand all the teenage speak anymore :( oh and American teenagers are totally scaaaryyyy...


ender said...

Juno had some pretty funny dialogue, but at times I felt like it was trying to be a little *too* hip and clever for its own good. Small surprise, given the writer was a popular blogger. Kabitzin, your future career awaits you!

Ellen Page was definitely excellent as Juno though, and I was totally going insane trying to figure out where I'd seen her cranky father before (later realized he was the newspaper boss from Spiderman...)

Kabitzin said...

I heard it did better than any other independent movie before it.

And are you saying my future career is to have a bastard child???????

Ellen Page was in X-Men too I think.