Monday, June 09, 2008

midyear review

So, I have been neglecting this blog for a while now. Tochi, you are a BAD influence. well also facebook is a very bad influence. But anyway, I thought I should come back to it and try to keep it up and what better way to restart than to do a midyear review of my New Year "commitments".

Moonfleck's 2008 New Years Resolution Update:

1. Go to the gym at least once a week- I have been doing pretty well with this because my officemate is keeping me on my toes. I have been playing Badminton twice a week for the first couple months and then I lost my partner. So now I am doing cardio kickboxing once a week plus wallyball. I was reading my old ski posts and I think I need to strength my knee muscles before I can go ski again.

2. Read one book a month - well, I am a little behind here but I have read at least 4 books. I have read The KiteRunner, The Assault on Reason, Meisner's On Acting, and now I am reading A History of Iran. It is hard to choose what books to read since I want to read nonfiction but usually they are so boring I fall asleep after 3 pages. :(

3. Continue piano lessons - Total fail here. Haven't even tried.

4. Learn ONE song on guitar - Total fail here too. But I still have half a year I guess.

5. Do not lose touch with all the friends I am in touch with - Doing ok here. I saw the Veggies last months. Facebook is also making everything easier. :) Still working on this.

6. Redecorate my room - TOTAL SUCCESS!! I have sold all my old furniture, bought new ones fro Ikea, including all new sheets and pillows and mattress. I even threw in a new mattress for my mom. I was also able to donate tons of old stuff to good will. As GlaDos would say "HUGE SUCCESS!"

7. Learn to cook 3 new dishes - hmm.. haven't been able to yet although I might learn how to make cookies this week. I think that would count. My plan is to make the roasted duck that we saw on Yan Can Cook at Kungs haha.


ender said...

What's Wallyball? Sounds like a Wal-mart sanctioned sport.

Tochi said...

LOL. I dearly missed all those AI weekly updates. Welcome back. :D

Kabitzin said...

I bet it's hard to overstate your satisfaction =D.

moonfleck said...

wallyball is volleyball played in an raquetball court. The rules include bouncing off walls and stuff. IT is pretty fun although I totally sucked. the first day went like this:

team: so have you played wallyball before?

me: shake head

team: ok.. but you have played volleyball ball before right?

me: ...shake head

team: ......

Velius said... have never played volleyball before? ......

Kabitzin said...

Wow, so wallyball is like volleyball + cage fighting.

ender said...

This sounds pretty awesome. We must do this at a future VO!

Kungfucius said...

I've actually seen some wallyball played before at the racquetball courts here at OSU. It was pretty crazy to watch since the people who were playing must have been pretty hardcore about it.