Sunday, May 02, 2010

Project 365 day 83

continuing the food theme. Went to I Love Sushi (not the one by the lake) for lunch the other day. They have a lunch special bento for 12.95 and it is amazing. In this box you see, there is seared albacore sashimi, a maguro tuna/salmon sashimi salad, tempura with 3 shrimp in it, a piece of teriyaki salmon, a piece of tamago, some spinach, and 2 giant unagi roll, plus Miso soup, salad and a bowl of rice. -_-.


Pekoe said...

Had a bento box too recently for $8.99 CDN - great deal at Ichiban Sushi House & looks very similar to yours :P ... did it come with green tea ice cream?

moonfleck said...

no it didn't come with Ice cream. man that would be even more awesome!