Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Do not walk in Snow Storm with Khaki's On

Well, Storm #2 ripped through fast and furious this afternoon. In fact it came so fast I didn't realize it was snowing until M called and I looked out the window. Rice sized hail covered my car as I drove it out, it is actually kind of fascinating since they are completely dry and have the consistency of foam. Not really something you associate with Hail. After 3 hours in the snow driving home, I learned a couple of things:

1: My car cannot climb hills in the snow
2: I can't parallel park without help
3: Do not walk in snow storm with khaki pants on.

After leaving my car badly parked underneath hill #1 going towards my house. I decided it was a good idea to walk the rest of the way which includes hill #1, hill #2 and hill #3. I estimated about an hour and half of walking since I walked hill #3 before. I had my down jacket on so I know I will be warm. What I didn't think of is that I am wearing thin khaki pants, which got cold, and then wet and then it froze. About half an hour later on hill #2, I realized I can't feel my legs anymore. All kind of nightmarish thoughts crossed my mind about frozen tissue and amputation. So when a pair of nice ladies drove by and decided to give this poor person a ride, I jumped at the chance. Bless them! So I arrived home safe and sound. My legs were completely red as if sun burnt when I got inside and I had to run hot water over them. But hey, at least I still have them :)

oh and I guess this means no work tomorrow =P


Velius said...

You know, that's actually really scary... You do realize if those 2 women hadn't come along, there was a very good chance you may have suffered some very serious injuries from exposure. Then again, if that did happen, we might be reading it up on Darwin Awards =p Glad to know you made it safe. As for not having to go to work... GDIAF!!!!!

Kabitzin said...

More like GDIAHS I suppose. I totally know what you mean about khakis. I mean, they like increase your weakness to all things wet and cold.

My legs are feeling kinda cold right now actually. Considering taking the next week off from work =D.

Kungfucius said...

Oh gosh...I'm glad to hear you made it out ok. Your blog is called "To boldly go...", so I guess it's proper that you should have such a story :P

This reminds me of the time at CU when Velius was helping me back to my apartment after I had turned my ankle at bball class that day. I had gotten some crutches after having my ankle looked at, but since my apartment was like 1.5 or 2 miles off campus and snow had begun to fall rather hard, it took us like an hour to get back since the crutches kept slipping in the snow -_-

Ender said...

Catnip, I hear that a made-for-TV movie was being made about your latest plight. Of course, due to dramatization, your character actually ends up losing her legs and slowly wastes away in a drunken stupor.

Kung, it's so ironic that you were also the only one that had a car =P If anyone else had twisted their ankle, you could have given them a ride.

Kabitzin said...

Ender, that is totally not encouraging....

I also remember the infamous Kung Twist.

Ender said...

I was going to comment on how I blissfully warm and sunny it is in AZ at the moment, but I remembered that we also have the highest skin cancer rate in the nation :(

Tochi said...

TCAT isn't that bad of an alternative when you don't have a car, right? TCAT must be a better way to travel than on clutches with Vel. :)

I think the west coast is stealing ALL our snow. Ski resorts here just axed thousands of workers for a few weeks. At the biggest resort, only 2 of the 40+ trails were operational, and no one was skiing.

Kungfucius said...

The problem is that TCAT didn't go to my apartment -_- You end up having to take College Ave all the way down the hill.