Saturday, January 27, 2007

The fantastic David Copperfield.

I happen to come upon last minute tickets to David Copperfield tour last night so M and I went today to check it out. M is such a fan of him since she has been watching him since years ago. The show was actually in a tiny beautiful theatre (the same place they usually have small pop concerts). It was completely packed and the show was pretty awesome although a little short, only one and half hours without intermission. This show's scale was pretty small as it is but Copperfield was able to do some pretty amazing things like materialize on a motorcycle in a matter of 2 seconds, make a Lincoln convertible appear in midair and walk through a concrete slab of steel. Now, I have never been to real serious magic show before but I have seen it enough on TV to not be completely awe struck. But I still got goosebumps when I watched him complete these amazing illusions in real time. In my mind I know it is of course all trickery but you really can't tell at all. M was quite impressed as well although she wished the show scale was even bigger. One funny thing is that they played alot of montages at the beginning and during the show, I guess to pass the time as they get ready. It is all clips of people praising how cool David Copperfield is in various magazines, tv shows, etc. Copperfield said the montage is called "David Copperfield is fantastic!!!" lol, that was cute. Also, when they picked audience members, they always pick young and beautiful ladies and He flirts with them everytime. lol.


Tochi said...

Magic tricks and shows are so cool. I still remember my first time at a serious magic show, and how my mouth dropped when the elephant disappeared off the stage. Their acts really defy any logic.

It's unfortunate that David Copperfield's tour doesn't come to east coast.

Kungfucius said... people on the west coast get all the cool shows :P