Sunday, January 21, 2007

going Medieval?

I saw this little thing on Yahoo news today.

Marni: Leggings Are the New Must-Have
Milan - Now I know there are many out there who will think I have lost it when I write that a key, new must-have for men this coming fall will be a pair of leggings to be worn outside, not just in, the house, but that was the big message at the debut Marni men's runway show this morning in Milan....etc etc.

I realize fashion world is always a few steps ahead of the normal people but this is perhaps going too much over. I can't imagine when it will be considered fashionable for guys to wear tights again, although I am sure it is quite warm.


Kabitzin said...

I love the whole bottom half. Tight bright red tights on super-scrawny legs, large shiny diaper bag, shiny mismatched shoes with no socks. AMAZING!

Kungfucius said...

Watching the NFL playoffs today, I noticed that NFL players wear pants that're very similar, but they have a bunch of padding under it to provide extra protection.

Tochi said...

If I had to pick places in the USA where I expect to see such cutting-edge fashion on the streets, Seattle is definitely near the top. Keep your eyes peeled! :)

Velius said...

What's next? Gauntlets? Maybe a nice chainmail coif to complement the man-purse?