Saturday, January 06, 2007

The ingenuity of Men

So I casually went to today to check some stuff out when I noticed that I have a "plog" with one post in it flashing on the top right corner. I am assuming plog = product blog? So I clicked on it as I am quite curious except when it involves pinatas and shovels. The post is some random product recommendation that Amazon apparently thought I really needed. Among them is this littel gem. I can already imagine hours of amusement with this piece of hardware.


Kungfucius said...

Bah...why just get one that can warm when you can get this one!

Tochi said...

I'm surprised someone hasn't invented a cup warmer/chiller using the CD-ROM tray. It's naturally a cup-holder when you have the tray ejected. Plus, it tucks away nicely when not in use. You won't burn yourself by accidentally touching it.

Velius said...

littel gem? Is that some kinda jewelry? =)