Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I was doing my boring old routine of tv watching yesterday when I came across Chris Sligh auditioning for American Idol. I was truly impressed by his sense of humor and his good vocals. It is a breath of fresh air after hours of boring old "I know I am a star" wannabes. This is the first guy this season that I am actually kind of interested in. I think he will bring some liveliness to the show if he ever makes it to the voting rounds. Not that I would actually vote mind you ;)

I was also impressed by the almost technically perfect long program skated by Evan Lysacek at the U.S. Nationals last week. He was totally not the favorite. But he deserved his gold metal after that completely inspired performance. I got goosebumps watching him. It was probably the best skate he has ever done!

So here is a toast to inspirational performances and future potential stars! They may never win that elusive gold but they sure made an impression.


Tochi said...

What score did they award Lysacek? The youtube video didn't show it. :(

Did you ever see Zhang/Zhang's Free Skate performance at Torino olympics?

moonfleck said...

1 Evan Lysacek - 248.88 1 1
2 Ryan Bradley - 219.21 3 2
3 Johnny Weir - 213.20 2 4

He got a 30 point lead over the 2nd and third place. His technical points were something like 91, it was unheard of.

Tochi said...

30 points!?!? That's like a Fed vs Roddick :)

I just found a video where Zhang/Zhang actually nailed the opening throw quadruple salchow jump. The rest of their performance isn't that spectucular, but Quadruple salchow toss totally owns.

Kungfucius said...

Heh you're right, Chris Sligh pretty much tells it as it is with his own twist. His vocals might be his downfall (his audition was good, but not spectacular, but then again I shouldn't criticize people who sing better than me :P), but we'll see how he goes.

moonfleck said...

yeah you are right, his vocals is not spectacular, but after weeks of hearing really bad stuff, my standards have been lowered alot lol

Yes I just went to look at Zhang/Zhang 2006 (isn't youtube awesome!) and that was definitely awesome performance!