Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trivia report

SNoopy and I made a come back last night with our newest team members CCP. They are Snoopy's friends who we roped in into joining us. I think they had fun and may come back. It also helps one of the guys on another team actually knew them so there is that competition factor as well haha. The questions were actually really mainstream this time, which made for a more fun experience even if we didn't do very well.
There was a category on gentleman sports that included Sailing, Polo, Snookers and Fencing (thank god for taking Fencing classes in college haha). THen there was Manly sports category which CCP totally rocked. We did ok on real estate, completely bombed the Cowboys and Indians category. The funny thing was that the first question was "what was the name of the Indian chief whose real name means "in the wilderness". We of course were clueless, so I randomly said "crazy horse??" (I had no idea and was making it up)> we all laughed and moved on, and then later, when they came to that question, they were like the answer is ...."Crazy Horse!!". Snoopy said "OMG< we got that one right!! did you put it down??" I said "err, I was just joking so I left that one blank". then I got beaten up for not putting that answer down LOL.

The bonus round was name that Classical COmposition. Finally!! a music category that was not modern rock! We did ok in that, It is sad that I can't remember any music that is later than 1800s lol. In the end, we came in 3rd to last with 29 points. Although now that we don't get free beer, I am not sure it is such a good result after all HAHAHA.

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