Thursday, November 29, 2007

OMG Portal is so awesome!

I just finished Portal and I have to agree with Ender, this is like the best game ever!! It is so innovative and funny. I have to admit when I first started I thought it was too easy. Once I understood the way it works I breezed through like most of the rooms with no problem. I really enjoyed some of the later rooms though. Like 17 took me an hour to do but it was really fun. But most of all, it has this incredible, fantastic ending (trying not to spoil). I burst out laughing while I was also shaking with nervousness, and creeped out by the story all at the same time!!! That was like one of the best game I have ever played! (and actually finished ahem). That was time well spent!! :D!!

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Ender said...

I totally loved the creepy sense of paranoia. I deliberately waited till the last second at the end stage so that I could hear all of the dialogue. The last couple lines hint at who the mysterious benefactor is that leaves those bloody messages, I think.

Also, "Still Alive" was stuck in my head for many days afterwards.