Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House pains

Anybody watch the House season premiere last night? House was his usual grumpy self. Although his frustration is enhanced by Wilson's wanting to leave. I thought the patient's story is very poignant. I like how House always put in a dose of reality into the lukewarm pool of "you can do anythingness". It also enhances House's theory that people don't change (except for Amber). The saddest moment of the show for me was when Wilson was about to walk out and he said "we are not friends House, I don't even think we ever were". How can he say such a thing after all they have gone through!!! Yes House is kind of an ass but if there is one person he always yields for in the end, it is Wilson. Now all those years of friendship and comraderies is wiped out in one heartless thought!! I feel sad for the duo :(

(although, one part of me can't help but think this would make an awesome slash storyline hahaha, must not ship... must not ship)

We had a House watching party at a friend's house. He had HD LCD TV with DVR. It is the ultimate tv watching experience!! You can skip all the commercials, rewind if we missed a section due to exciting chatter, and watch 13's eyes sparkle and glisten in full HD glory!

After the show, we decided to sample JJ Abrams' new show "Fringe" which is billed as a modern day X-files. The show has a leading girl who is an FBI agent with a dark past of betrayal, a bum genius guy (percy from Dawson's Creek) and his crazy Einstein dad who was in mental hospital for 17 years. The trio solve weird phenomenons that is part of some global conspiracy pattern thingy. The show looks ok so far, the crazy dad is definitely the most interesting person. They have this weird graphic device to introduce different places by putting the caption in giant and i mean GIANT CGI LETTERS right next the building as if it is a statue that just happen to be there. I am not sure if I like it or not. The show also has some really crazy "Science" that makes me blink in disbelief. Example: They can read the last thing a dead person sees by using a "Electrical pulse camera". NOrmally when the person dies, all the image goes away, but since this person had a muscle relaxant before she died, somehow the image was frozen in the neurons... riiightt...

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Snoopy said...

Pacey!! not Percy..., I thought about watching it just for him