Tuesday, October 07, 2008

a close call at trivia

I wish all the veggies were here for today's trivia. Because Guitar Hero/RockBand finally became a bonus round category today! We were given song snippets from the games and we had to name the title and the singer! Now I know the Veggies would have rocked this !

For the second week in a row, we had user requested cateogories for trivia. I guess the guy got tired of coming up with categories. We were suppose to nominate categories on our answer sheet a few weeks ago and turn them in. As a result, we got some really weird categories lol. For example, Classic Pornography was a category last week (eyeroll). Did you know Peter O'Tool (Lawrence of Arabia) was in Caligula? Last week we weren't able to take advantage of this because none of our categories got chosen. This week, it was a totally different story. We had a cateogry on Video Games that were made into Movies, sooo easy. and to Snoopy's extreme happiness, Peanuts the Comic Strip! She nailed that one effortlessly! Unfortunately, to balance out 2 categories in our expertise, we also had an cateogry on Rocky Horror Picture Show @_@!!!

All in all, we tied for third place with 56 points! This means the tie breaker of doom!! I am sorry to say I totally lose this game for the team :( The question was which planet is comparable to Earth in size and mass. I suggested Mars, while apparently everybody tried to tell me Venus. I answered Mars anyway, but of course every one else was right. So we were 4th place once again .. Cries!!!


Kungfucius said...

It sounds like you guys have been putting together some good results the past couple of times if you've been finishing in 4th place a couple of times. Karma will break your way and put you in the top three eventually :)

What songs did they play for the RB/GH section? I don't know if I would be any help because I tend to not remember any of the singer names of the songs :P

moonfleck said...

well, i can't help you since I am the exact same way lol. everytime they play a song, I am like. ohhh I heard that before. but I have no idea who sings it or hte name lol

Kiratomato said...

Do you get anything for being 3rd?

moonfleck said...

yea, 15 bucks.. which we didn't get

moonfleck said...
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