Saturday, October 25, 2008

day 2: banquets!

After sulking all day yesterday about my lost bag, I was ready for some fun! My cousin drove M and me to the Heaven's Eye Lake (天目湖). It is this manmade lake very close to ChangZhou. The lake is surrounded by 6 mountains and was made by damming a river which they are using for electricity. It is relatively new lake built in the 90s. Besides their beautiful scenery, the one thing they are famous for are the Fish Head Soup!. They have the best 灰鲢鱼 around for the famous dish because the water is so deep there the fish never has a chance to burrow in mud which gives them that slightly muddy taste. So the fish head soup at Heaven's Eye Lake is suppose to be the best among all. So we went to the best restaurant besides the lake and had fish head soup. It came in a humongous bowl and was amazingly good and way too much for three people. That was basically all we had for lunch.

After lunch, we did a tour around the lake. THey have these small chains of islands in the lake which has hiking and various demostrations of tea making and pottery and stuff. The weather was sunny, the water was blue and it was a great time.

Oh and the most important thing! while I was hiking, China Southern called to politely inform me that they found my bag and it is gonna be on a plane to changZhou tomorrow! WOOT!!! apparently they do have awesome service! (well it would be better if they didn't lose it in the first place and force me to wear the same shirt every day).

After our lake trip, it is time for another banquet! This time our whole family went to "My Hotpot", A hotpot place near our house which has individual hotpots!! instead of having to share a big wok and duel with others for your piece of meat. You get this individual tiny hotpot and you can eat to your hearts content.

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