Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun filled weekend

I had a very fun weekend. It all started with first day of Japanese class on Saturday morning. It starts at 9 am which is a great challenge for me. But I am proud to say I made it before the bell! My good friend Kirason is taking the class with me which make this even more fun. We learned how to say greeting and introduce each other in class and most of the Hiragana alphabet. Our teacher had this system of teaching Hiragana that included a picture that represents the character, and a silly story that goes with it. For example, "Ku is the bill of the coocoo" along with the accompanying coocoo bird picture. Se is for "saying I love you sitting on your boyfriend's lap". OF course my favorite is "Ta is for looking like the letter T a" -_-!! There is also a guy in our class whose name is just "wolf"(seriously, no last name). We were all highly impressed and everybody remembered his name during introduction activity haha.

After the highly entertaining Japanese class, I ran to Karaoke with the new friends I made at backstage of Chinese New Year show last weekend. That was also very fun. We sang lots and lots of really old songs.

After singing my throat hoarse, it is time for Video Game Live!. It is the first time they came to Seattle in 3 years. I learned at the concert that 3 years ago at Seattle was their very first stop on the tour. I was there for it and I didn't even know! I was a part of history! :D The show started off with this hilarious music video.

They then made wonderful music, including a special appearance by the Video Game Pianist who was absolutely brilliant. I wish I had his hands :O

The show also played Metal Gear Solid (complete with terrorists with exclaimation mark and a box), Halo, the Nintendo suites and many many other fan favorites. I really loved being there because you are surrounded by people that shares in the same knowledge as you so it feels kind alike a secret club meeting hehe.

Then, finally on Sunday, it is Chinese New Years! I had some friends over for the traditional dumpling making and tried to watch the Gala show "春晚”,which I say was ok, not too bad, not too good either. :)

This weekend as been wonderful, and of course, I ended up being sick today haha. I guess i had too much fun!

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Velius said...

I kept expecting Ms. Pacman to swallow a light bulb and then proceed to eat the 3 ghosts