Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AI is back!

ok, I have been grossly negligent on this blog. The last one was from when I started Japanese class and 8 weeks later..this week I finished Japanese I and I can safely say "where is the bathroom now" :) I thought this would be the perfect place to start posting again. I missed last week's because I totally forgot but I still got 11 weeks to go :)

So I was even more absentminded than usual and I completely missed the pre finalist shows so these opinions are made in a vacuum haha.

Michael: He is a great performer, great stage presence. I can't quite tell whether he can really sing or not.

Allison: She is doomed already because of her red hair. There is a curse on it haha, I think the last 3 red haired girl got eliminited before they get into top 10. I thought the performance was just ok. I guess maybe country really isn't her thing.

Kris Allen: He looks like one of those famous movie stars. So definitely got the cute factor. Voice is kind of weak I think, the song was really boring too. I guess we will have to see if the teenage girl vote comes through. Oh yeah, and his twitchy leg was really annoying me.

LIl Rounds: her name reminds me of Indiana Jones movies. Kung says she is the one that has alot of press right now. I am actually surprised that there is only one diva in this year's bunch. Her voice is rather weak compared to all the previous divas of the past and her performance was a little pitchy.

Adam: this is the emo guy that Kung was telling me about. I am not sure what to make of him. He is certainly unique in this competition and creepy emo is definitely hot right now (think Twilight). But I feel like he should be in like punk/heavy metal idol or something. AI is almost too mainstream for him. I guess it will depend on whether the mainstream audience want him or not.

Scott: wow, I didn't know he is blind. THat is pretty cool for him to make it. I still wasn't impressed with the vocals though. very pitchy! If he had the voices of Andrea Bocelli, I am voting for him hands down.

ALexis: that girl sure is pretty. She kind of remind me of Reba Macintyre. voice is weak though. This is a beef I have most pretty girl singers these days, none of them have any breathing support.

Danny: This dude has his act together. He looks pretty chic too. The song was a little weak in certain places but he sounded pretty good.

Anoop: woot! Indian guy from Duke, I am going to be totally biased and vote for him haha. Anyway, he sounded really good. Very beautiful voice and good control. Can't wait to see more of him. Also it wouldn't hurt to get a slightly more cooler haircut. Image does count alot in voting.

edit: apparently he is from UNC, not Duke, now he must die!

Megan: Man, the judges totally gave her a pass today. It doesn't matter how she did, they weren't gonna say anything bad. There were other idol contestants who were sick before, and I don't remember them making a big deal about it. They must really want to keep her. She does look very pretty, will have to hear her nonsick voice next week.

Matt: Wow, singer/pianist who has a very commercial voice. He already sound like the people on the radio. I don't know if he is likeable enough tho. I remember last season, some very good guy singers got cut cause they were not edgy.

I think Kung was right, none of the people stands out this round yet. But it is still early. Going with that hot girls don't get eliminated and weird people wills tay around too. Here are my bottom 3 prediction:

Allison: oh ye of red hair
Michael: it sucks to be first.
Danny: there are so many guys they are crowding the field. some gotta go...

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Kungfucius said...

Whoops...my bad on misinforming you about Anoop :P

Looks like this is the second time that Megan's been given a pass. Like you said, she's attractive, but it'll catch up to her soon if she doesn't start performing better.