Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AI top 10

Motown this week, seems to be alot of overdone themes..

1. Matt= I really liked Matt's performance, I thought it had alot of soul and passion. Very good singing too

2. Kris Allen = cute boy but really, voice is just not quite there.. he tried to make it up by being all flirty and cute on stage, but really, just compare it to Matt, and his song seems lifeless..

3. Scott = poor scott, he sounded really unsure like he doesn't know what he is doing. The first part of this song is too hurried and fast when it should have been tender and wistful, and when he got to the fast part, it then was too slow and he didn't have a beat. I am guessing maybe motown just isn't his thing. I can see his inability to smile and connect with the audience is really going to be a problem. Not everybody can groove like Ray Charles...

4. Megan = omg, my ears are bleeding... I know she is trying to imitate the style of "rehab" girl but her voice is so shaky and crackling... and she doens't have a beat either lol.. you gotta have some soul sistah!

5. ANoop: lovely, beautiful, fantastic singing... I Love it! he actually reminds me of a less dorky Clay. He was so natural singing this song, like he really meant it..

6. Michael : meh meh... did i mention i have this hate for people that tap their microphones to keep a beat? How the heck did he gets on the top 12? I haven't see his prefinal performances but I am not impressed.. He can barely finish his phrases in one breath.

7. Lil: OMG!!! can she REALLY not have found another song? thsi is like the perennial idol diva song... and they always use the exact same flaming background.. -_-!! and I am telling you, Lil is not even close ot the best performance of this (if there is even such a thing). She is practically off-key for the whole song.. For better performance, please see the other 10 versions of this song...

Jennifer Hudson:
Vonzell Solomon:
Group song: (go clay! go clay!)

8. Adam: @_@, crazy slick hair man... ok i have to admit, this dude is pretty talented.. it was beautiful... I wouldn't be surprised if he won..

9. Danny; Oh danny, danny is adorable! he even dressed appropriately this week. He had alot of energy, stage presence, and some cute sexiness. He is what Michael wishes to be haha.

10. Allison: Ok, this performance is pretty fierce. I liked her attitude alot. Wish she could have mumbled a little less.. oh ye of cursed red hair, i think putting her last guaranteed she is not gonna be in last place.

so far I think the best singers are Adam, ANoop, Danny and Matt.

bottom 3 prediction:
Michael - for sure, I think he is doomed to be eliminated
Lil ROund= omg.. no more heatwave please
I cna't quite decide between Megan and Scott for the third one... they both got crap from the judges. Lets say Megan, cause she really sucked...

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