Wednesday, February 14, 2007

AI 6 hollywood round

The hollywood round contains group auditions so you gotta know how to harmonize and sing in a group. Most of it was a trainwreck as usual but there was one group that really stood out. These 4 guys was great! If they don't make idol they should totally just form a group themselves. Between them, they have a rocker, a beat boxer, a boyband extraordinaire and a crooner. what more can you ask for!

Idol Hollywood group song: Chris, Tom, Rudy and Blake.

Another aspect of the show I don't like is how they showed so much drama. Do I really need to know how many people are divas and how many can't get picked to be in a group? I hate how they keep reinforce the stereotype that girls just can't get along. And if it is not a stereotype, there is something seriously wrong with education of girls in this country.

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