Tuesday, February 27, 2007

going to the dark side

I recently downloaded some Arcade games on my xbox (company perk) for M to play with. She is now completely addicted to Bejeweled 2 (a matching game with colored gems.) She played for 5 hours straight over the weekend and her world ranking jumped from 50,000 to 10,000 over night with no sign of slowing down. I had to go make dinner because she is so busy with the game. Isn't it usually the otherway around? -_-!

In other news, we finally bite the bullet and got some DX10 cards for work. These geforce 8800 GTX are monsters that take up two PCI slots. The heatsink and fan is bigger than the card itself. In fact, it is so massive they had to put an fan outlet on the connection plate itself in addition to the big fan on the body so it doesn't overheat the computer. It is ridiculous! Now if I only have a DX10 game to play with :)


Kungfucius said...

Opps...look like a double post :)

If you guys happen to have a free GeForce 8800 lying around, send it over here :P

Ender said...

That is a MONSTER card. Now you can play Supreme Commander at the highest graphical setting! Well, at work anyways.

Velius said...

I disagree, I think those cards would be a total waste there, sitting in the work computers. My suggestion is to send them to me for further evaluation.

Kabitzin said...

Hahaha, that card is so crazy. Is it really loud? And where can I sign up for these company perks?

I remember when my mom first discovered Tetris on the PC. She'd stay up so late at night playing. She got really good at it and hogged the Pentium 90.