Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

Ok so I finally saw the movie tonight. I am totally depressed now. *shake fists at all eloquent movie reviewers*. I guess they did warn you by showing you the girl at the beginning but I still managed to tear up at the end. The movie deserves all its accolades and praises. It is superbly done and very well acted. The Captain was incredibly convincing. Ofelia was lovely, especially the part where she tells the story to her brother. I think one thing that struck me the most about this movie is that despite its fantasy elements, it is still full of realism at heart. This is not some sanitized Hollywood violence but cold and harsh realities of the cruelty of men. I keep cringing at the various parts but I appreciate their efforts to keep it real so to speak. I mean if I was tied up in that barn with the Captain behind me, I would be full of despair too knowing that there won't be some miraculous rescue to save me from fate worse than death. It is amazing what human beings will do to one another. I also had a hard time trying to understand all the symbolisms from the fantasy side. Do they have counterparts in reality or not. One of my favorite things is the soundtrack. It was hauntingly beautiful and I think without it, the movie would not have been so sad and poignant. So I have to agree with everyone and rate it 100!. I love the fact that it was subbed and not dubbed, because bad dubbing could have totally ruined it since there are so much dialog. I spent a little bit of time trying to see how much I can understand the dialog without looking at the sub, but give up soon hehe.

That is another one off my list, oh one more thing, I got CARDED when I was buying the movie ticket because it was rated R. *headdesk*


Velius said...

Well, consider it a compliment! It just means you aren't old or decrepit enough for them to just let you in unharassed.

Tochi said...

Glad to see that you weren't disappointed.

Kung and I are both curious. Did you feel pity for the Captain at the very end?

moonfleck said...

No, I didn't feel pity for the Captain. I feel like he was a tragic figure for sure but I have no sympathy for him. I suppose you should feel pity because he couldn't keep his son that he wanted so much. But the only reason he wanted that son is so that he can pass his "legacy" on. The baby is a tool. So basically he is doing the same cruel thing his own father did to him.