Monday, March 12, 2007

beer and trivia night

Tonight my friend and I went to trivia night at a local pub "The Celtic Bayou" which as the name suggest, is a mix of Irish and Louisiana food. A very weird combination if you ask me. We didn't really go in with much confidence since we are by no means trivia kings. But it was a fun way to spent a night. The prizes goes as follows:

1st place: 35 dollars
2nd place: 25 dollars
3rd place: 15 dollars
last place: $1 pitcher of beer

Since the top 3 is pretty much out of our grasp, we figure it would be pretty cool to get last place, (with proper effort of course). The quiz had about 60 questions, ranging from current events to sports to weird deaths(Edward II was weeeirrd.) As expected, we were able to sweep the entertainment news and completely miss all the sports questions. The bonus round was TV theme song trivia and we failed terribly at that as well. So in the end, we have achieved our lofty goal of coming in last at 17 /60 points. The graders had to make sure we didn't try to deliberately throw the game. -_-. Since we were only two people and I don't drink we ended up giving the $1 loser pitcher to a group of 10 sitting next to us. We plan to come back next week as well, if we can keep our current record pretty soon we will be the most popular losers in the pub ;)


Kungfucius said...

But what if all the questions next time are entertainment news based? :P

Actually, if that were the case, you guys (er girls) would go for teh win!

Velius said...

Wait a minute, this HAS to be a West Coast thing because one of our Californian WoW friends also goes to these Beer/Trivia night things. Oh come on, it's not THAT hard to keep up on sports. I mean, just surf ESPN occasionally.

Kabitzin said...

What happens if it is a half Clay Aiken, half sports trivia night?

Would you purposely throw the competition and deny knowing Clay like Peter denied knowing Jesus (LOL)? Or would you answer them all correctly and place right in the middle, securing 0 prizes?

Such are the tough choices that we encounter in life.

Ploppy said...

Hey, it is Ploppy.

Too bad you didn't take me. Media trivia is my pointless forte.

Ender said...

I don't think it's a west coast thing; one of bigger bars (Chapter House?)in collegetown back at CU had a decently popular trivia night too. Not that I ever went, but still.

moonfleck said...

Hey Ploppy. nice to see ya.

I actually like Trivia night, since it gives me somethign to work on while people drink.

As for Clay Aiken, I am bound by honor to not miss a single question. So I think I may have to give up that pitcher by beer.. sigh..