Monday, March 05, 2007

Tooting my own horn for a bit :)

This is probably going to be the only 15 seconds of fame in my life. Laughing at silly names are not allowed! Well ok, It is totally a groaning party whenever we have meetings to talk about this stuff. Because people can't stop snickering at me. I was totally embarrassed but at the same time, when will I ever see my name on a commercial website again?. Also for the record, they totally picked the name without telling me first. These are meant to be samples for beginners so of course they will continue to put up better and more worthy games but mine was the smallest and simplest so it made the deadline. :) Yay me!

Also, if you are just dying to make your dream game, they are hosting a competition for the best game developed in 4 months with some nice prizes.


Tochi said...

LOL. Congratulations! "Minjie" is a more than worthy name for the game! This is so awesome.

You are going to have to post some higher-res screenshots and gameplay videos for the XNA-less and XBOX-less folks of this world. :)

Kungfucius said...

At least you have to have your name on something cool like a game, unlike me when I found my name on a bottle of water -_-

Velius said...

I hear that v2.0 will have lots of new features such as piece decapitations and even fatalities for when you capture more than 3 pieces!