Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We finally climbed our way out of loser valley yesterday at Trivia Night after hours of hard study and memorization...... ok ok, not really. We asked Plop (See media 1001 blog) to join us and he was totally helpful ;). We finished about middle of the pack with 59 out of 90 points. The winner of the $1 pitchers got 33 muhhahahaha! There were actually quite a few interesting questions this round and the rounds were very exciting. The categories ranged from Broadway shows, the Year 1999, one named celebrities, and best supporting actors from the Oscars. Some of the highlights:

1) What was the real name of the song usually called Teenage Wasteland (Velius! you should know this one)!
2) The full definition of the acronym NASDAQ - we were totally clueless
3) Bonus: name the 10 plagues of Egypt from the Bible - We got pretty close on that one

All in all, an extremely satisfying night! :)


1) Bubba O'REilly- This is the song House was finger playing in one of the first season when Vogler was still there.
2) National Assocation of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
3) Fires from the Sky, Lice, Beetles, Cattle Death, Death of First Born, Locusts, Darkness, raining Frogs, Water turned to Blood, Flies, Boils. Those poor Egyptians.

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Ploppy said...

Hurray for us! We are the coolest people we know!

I was seriously burping up that jambalaya all night. Freakin' spicy!

-- Plops.