Sunday, April 22, 2007

fun screenshots in LOTRO

I am on my last day in LOTRO beta. If I don't buy it now my character will get erased. I haven't decided yet but I probably won't end up buying it right now. A level 10 char is not really worth saving. And MMORPGs are so time consuming as it is. I am not sure I want to get sucked in. I did have alot of fun playing the beta though. I grouped with some random person yesterday and it was fun doing quests. The surrounding scenery and atmosphere really is the most beautiful part about the game. For example, I accidentally wandered into the marshes one time, and I didn't notice that it was getting dark. So I was walking slowly towards the outline of a ruin in the marsh when suddenly it was dusk, the marsh fog rose and surrounded me and it was pitch dark. The ruin's sillouette disappeared and I can see nothing around except some swarming insects that likes to follow you around. I was totally lost. The music also changed to a dark creepy tone. Everything was very well done and I decided not to go there again after dark :)
Marsh when it is sunny

Marsh at dusk

Creepy night marsh

The other fun thing I did was this: I would never do this in real life so it was very satisfying to do it with such realism in a game.

everything looks better with a cloak in Bree town

Rich people ride horses, poor people walk..

Lastly, my favorite place: Celondim, the Elve's starting town.


Velius said...

You know, it's kinda amazing how the UI looks so much like WoWs. Even the armor display. I guess imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Kungfucius said...

Virtual waterfall diving! I bet they don't have that in WoW :P