Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So today I finally opened up LOTRO beta and played through the introduction quest arc. The graphics is definitely awesome. Everything is so beautiful, the trees, flowers, lakes and ancient ruins. After some consideration, I have discarded my Elven hunter (yes I know blasphemy) and made a Human female Lore-Master (druid/mage). I am sure Velius is going to kill me if he looked it up as I didn't really pay attention to any of the stats and strength/weaknesses. But I already created it so there =P. I had to get rid of Legolas wanna be as he was making this grunting sound everytime he hits during melee and it is driving me nuts. My nice new human is perfectly silent as she clubs bandits and wolves on the head with her staff. The storyline basically follows the same timeline as LOTR but you are on the peripheral. You will hear about the deeds of those Baggin hobbits and the fellowship but you won't really be involved in the main quest. It creates a kind of realism without actually allowing you to interfere with the main storyline of the book. Basically going through the intro story arc gets you to level 5. It is too early yet to see what kind of unique skills my human has. So far everything is pretty much standard MMORPG: quests, skills, leveling. I finally learned the Lute skill at level 5. Now I only need to figure out where I can buy a lute and I am on my way to rockstar-dom. The only thing I didn't like was the UI, all the labeling text seems unnecessarily big and it is giving me a headache especially when among multiple people as you totally can't make them out. It is also very laggy in town as usual. I also had the honor of being Gold Spammed during my stay in Middle Earth. 1 G for the very cheap price of 8.99 ( I have 7 silver at level 5). Do they already have sweatshops for this? It is only Beta people!!

And of course, how can any MMORPG be good without some domestic animal


Kungfucius said...

Sounds pretty neat so far :) You must have played for a good bit since you posted about it at 2 AM :P

Kabitzin said...

I see you have already found the importance of obtaining phat lutes.

WoW had such a craptastic UI, but you could modify it quite a bit. I wonder if LOTRO will do the same.

Buying gold in the beta seems really dumb, because characters usually get wiped when the game is released.

moonfleck said...

oh not this game. You get to keep your char if you preorder the game. I guess thats why.

Tochi said...

Posts like these that make me want to get into MMORPG's again... which would probably be a bad thing. :-) LOTRO looks pretty neat though.