Friday, April 20, 2007

One down, many to go

So Regi and I formed a plan to go to the Beijing Summer Olympics next year in August. I have always wanted to see an Olympics opening ceremony. It is one of the things on my "To Do" list. She is very excited about it as well, especially the men's gymnastic team ;). We finally submitted our ticket applications at yesterday. I was keeping an close eye on when they are releasing tickets so to maximize our chances. Now I have never applied for Olympics tickets before so I don't know if it is always like this. But the ticket application process is incredibly vague and convoluted. They make you apply for tickets, but they can't tell you where you are sitting or how much they really are or if you are really going to get them. BUT if for any reason you got the tickets you requested you HAVE to buy them. So basically the whole thing is a crap shoot. You just go in and hope for the best. I am also kind of annoyed that the price discrepancies is so big between tickets in China and tickets for foreigners. The lowest level ticket for opening ceremony in China is 200 yuan (30 bucks). The lowest level ticket for Americans is 1500 yuan. >_< they suck so much!!

Anyway, I know all this will be worth it next year when I am standing in Beijing :)

P.S. funny story: A couple of years ago, Regi drove through Houston and I happen to be there as well. So She, Velius and I met together for bubble tea. Regi never had bubble tea before so we told her to try some. She tried one sip and almost choked on a bubble, so she asked us what is the bubble. Apparently we jokingly told her it was frog eggs (Now I seriously don't remember saying this -_-b) We all laughed and left it at that. But apparently Regi thought we were serious. She thought she ate a frog egg this entire time. She was so disgusted and resolved never to eat anything with Velius and me ever again. -_-! she calls this the "bubble tea incident". She finally looked it up a couple weeks ago and realized what it was.


Kabitzin said...

This is what Velius refers to as a "trial by fire". That is sooo mean, though!

Oh what fun eating in China will be lol!

Kungfucius said...

Good luck at getting the tickets! :)

Tochi said...

Wow, that's so awesome. I hope you get the tickets! Why don't you try your luck getting the tickets too from China (for the cheaper price?). I know people are doing that in Hong Kong.