Thursday, June 28, 2007

oh the Irony

So THursday is usually our group lunch day. Today, one of the guys there sent out an email that he really wanted to go to this famous fast food burger joint. The reason is because he is starting this incredible diet and exercise routine next week for 24 weeks where he will meet with trainer 3 times a day so he won't be able to eat anything he likes. So he is going to satisfy his burger cravings today. We all said "your trainer will hate you to learn you are going to gain 5 pounds before going to see him".haha. Anyway, so we all drove to this burger joint and went in. We went in two cars so our car arrived first, the other car is still on their way. I was in the diet guy's car. We went in the line and the first thing the cashier said was "the beef truck didn't arrive today! We have no meat, only vegeburger and frozen chicken" Then he grumbled "I don't know why I opened". Diet guy practically fainted HAHAHA. It was hilarious, Since we were already there we ended up getting chicken sandwich and fries. Man this is the first time I went to a burger joint and they had no burgers, they did have these excellent garlic fries.

10 minutes after we ordered, the second car arrived. They came in and we all yelled out "they have no beef today!!". They made a sad face of course, but as they got in line and waited, one guy suddenly smirked and yelled to us "He says the beef truck just arrived!!" -_-!!!!! It was totally hilarious as the diet guy's plans were completely ruined. We were like, your trainer is so good he anticipated your cravings and stopped you hahah. Oh the Irony!


Kungfucius said...

Ah the irony indeed :P Although, I might have suspected one of your other co-workers might have called ahead to tell them to "hide" the beef :P

Kabitzin said...

Still, after the first workout, he'll probably be glad he had a chicken sandwich instead =D.