Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

I went to see THe Bourne Ultimatum with M today. I have to report that it was an awesome movie. It was a perfect combination of crazy action and intense espionage. They had some really cool situations that was not a spy movie cliche. I found myself at the edge of the seat the whole time holding my breath for Bourne. I think I like this movie better than the James Bond movies because it is more gritty and more real (featuring the very shaky camera actions), had minimum gadgets. There was no "groan" moment with hacking thank God. Below is my favorite parts spoiled

1. The train station chase with Simon the reporter, it was soo intense, and so amazing with enemies at every turn and Bourne trying to direct him. IT reminded me of MIssion 16 of Tenchu where you had to sneak ahead of your target to kill everyone first. Very intense

2. The motorbike bomb that killed Neil, I was totally mislead by that shoulder bag as did Bourne, until you realize, holy shit, the "asset" was alot smarter than you thought. I am much more impressed with assets now, since they are not just like fodder for Bourne to plow through.

3. The massive car chase in New York city was very well choreagraphed and only minimum product placements hehe.


Kungfucius said...

Although I enjoyed the action, I was really turned off by the "shaky cam" to the point where it really distracting me from enjoying the movie. I can understand the motivation for shooting parts of the movie like that, but when you're using it during a scene where two people are STANDING STILL, I was like wtf, does the camera have Parkinson or something?? I ended up walking out at the end of the movie with a headache -_-

ender said...

Yeah, I hate the shaky cam too. It was much more prevalent in the 2nd Bourne movie though. I'm glad they toned it down a bit for this one.

The product placement was ridiculous. Every other scene had a close-up of some sort of corporate logo. Sooo blatant. The crowd groaned every time it happened.

I really like the assets, since they are trained like Bourne and allow for incredibly intense fight scenes. The second Bourne movie didn't have any assets, and sucked really bad as a result.