Wednesday, August 29, 2007

new music!

So, I discovered this new band recently and I went to their first public concert. I was fortunate enough to get front row seats so I took some videos. I think this music could really take off!

Awesome Concert

I also managed to capture some backstage footage.

Song 1

song 2 ( A rare duet!)


Tochi said...

OMG. Security footage, provided by a source who does not wish to be identified, shows some die-hard fans secretly peering at the new band's performance from back stage.

Copy & Paste Link:

Velius said...

This is the collection agency for The Veggies. You all still haven't paid the $60 admission charge!!!! Totally worth the price of admission imho.

Tochi said...

She got the VIP treatment, with the front row seats and the backstage tour. That's worth more than the $60 admission charge! It's priceless.

We accept paypal. XD

The link I wanted to post:

Kungfucius said...

The lead singer needs to practice those Christina Aguilera a bit more before going on stage to sing them :P