Friday, March 14, 2008

AI Review

Yes, it is that time of the year again. I have managed to avoid the pre auditions this time but I figure I have to check out our final 12. I watched all the videos from Tuesday on and here is my review:

General impression: This year's crop is generally very photogenic, very main stream. We've got some boy pop, some rockers, some lady crooners. There is a serious lack of vocal talents though in general. However, in today's main stream radio, good vocal talents is not as important as beautiful looks or a shady personal life so I guess AI is doing ok there. This season also wins the award for having the most instrument playing contestants, Almost everyone plays guitar or piano or something. And I was talking with Snoopy earlier about this, if you think about it, this year's contestants are mostly teenagers when the show started so they practically grew up with the show and I am sure have been preparing for years for it.

only in my opinion which is biased towards singing skills.

Brooke White: I really liked her, she seemed warm and friendly and unpretentious. It was a good song choice also for her voice. Which is kind of husky and deep.

David Archuleta: yes, he messed up the words big time and this song really was kind of boring, but he gets auto points for being cute. and you know the teenage girls will vote like crazy for him. I think he is pretty young for all the pressure so we will have to see if he can withstand it. If he can, he will be the next super pop idol, if not, he will just be another one of those pretty boys that didn't make it.

Chikezie: Rickey didn't have a video of him so just judging from the vocals, I thought he was brilliant, what a fun song! and extremely well done. I doubt he will win though because he doesn't really have the right looks unfortunately. but go Chikezie!

Jason Castro: He totally doesn't sound like he is from Texas lol. and despite appearing to be high most of the time, I really liked his voice, and his laid back attitude. He sang that song really well and with feeling. I am going to have a soft spot for Jason.

Middle of the Pack:
Carly Smithson: I already don't remember what she sounds like so that is not good. And anyway, she already has a record released, I don't think she need this show.

David Cook: The resident rocker boy. I kinda hates his hairstyle but he did a pretty good job with the song.

Michael Johns: very sweet voice but I feel like he is way too low key, he is not going to get enough attention to beat all the other people with interesting stories. Probably will get eliminated middle of season

Ramiel Malubay: Very very beautiful voice, and very beautiful girl. I don't have a feeling she can win but probalby will stay for most of the season unless she make crazy mistake.

Syesha Mercado: kinda forgettable is pretty much all I can say.


Kristy Lee Cook: Just wasn't very good I have to say. I didn't see her video either

David Hernandez: Kinda of a cute boy but the singing skill is just kinda sucky. I guess there is room for improvement if he gets a big fanbase going.

Amanda Overmeyer: I think she is a really interesting personality, seems like a crazy fun girl, but she really doesn't have a voice, and singing that particular rock style will only get her so far I think. Probably will get eliminated middle of the season

ETA: I wrote this before I saw the elimination result, I guess David don't have a chance for that fanbase now hehe.

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Kungfucius said...

I couldn't believe that KLC managed to stay on after that laughable performance this past week. David Hernandez showed that he had some ability in the earlier rounds, but he laid an egg at the wrong time.

David Archuleta actually was on Star Search before, so I'm sure he's use to all of this attention :P It'll be interesting to see how he does next week since they're sticking with the Lenin/McCartney theme, and David already said he knows very little from that era.