Monday, March 03, 2008

trivia report

So we were again the recipient of the coveted $1 pitcher prize as we were last place with 30 points. Although it was especially sad today because we actually thought we did pretty well considering the categories. There was the always feared "Authors" category. The "Cold War Movie Quotes" category (WTF!!), and the best of all, a Anagram category with no clue!! We completely failed that one :( Here it is for your solving pleasure:


bonus: what is the theme of this group of anagrams.

Although we almost got every single question in the music category. I was happy as 3 songs played were songs Clay has sung haha.

THe most amazing thing of the night however, was that the first place winner, with 47 points after a tie breaker was a ONE MAN team. He won it all, all by himself. My hero!


Tochi said...

Okay. I'm horrible at anagrams. I've been thinking about these 4 on and off all day, and managed to solve only the first one.

Answers please. XD

moonfleck said...

so what was the first one? :)

The theme is "nuts"

Tochi said...


I was thinking the theme was nuts.... but there are many kinds of nuts in this world. :)

Kabitzin said...

I have solved the others:

- Chaos Pita (you never know what is inside...)

- Macadamia

- Filbert

Ok, I couldn't get the first one, and I didn't know that a filbert was a kind of hazelnut until I looked it up on wikipedia. This question was impossible, and I had to work backwards just to get Macadamia.

Tochi said...

I was thinking #2 was pistachio at first, but it doesn't work. >_<.

I had no idea what a filbert is until now. lol. Should have gotten macadamia tho... argh.