Wednesday, February 07, 2007

crazy cars

I am normally not a car enthusiast at all. My understanding of cars stays at "Japanese cars are small, American cars are big!!" level. But this video of a Bugatti Veyron doing 250 miles an hour impressed even me. That is going the length of a football field every second!!. Of course it is totally unpractical even without a speed limit, since the tires would burn out in 15 minutes and gas in 12. Now if they can only make wear resistant tires.


Tochi said...

Wow, that's so cool. I wish my car can start by the push of a round button.

In Canada, we change from four-season tires to winter tires. In Germany, people change from four-season tires to summer tires, so they can go faster and not wear out their tires on the autobahn lanes. :)

moonfleck said...

Actually if you get a chance to drive a Toyota Prius, they start with a round button and they don't even turn on the engine when you do it. It is freaky.