Wednesday, April 04, 2007

trivia night record

it was so sad that I didn't even want to post about it. But then we must face the truth even if it hurts. Due to the unfortunate loss of Plop and the most ridiculous questions ever, we again was last place at Trivia Night with a world record shattering 14 points out of 90 something. 6/9 sections of the quiz we got 0 points. The good thing is that we are so famous now people kinda expected us to be in last place so no surprise there. The obscure question contained NCAA trivia like which Kansas coach had a losing record in the history of Kansas basketball, and the furthest bracket that a 5/12 upset ever went, which teams it was and what was the shooting percentage (or some nonsense like that). There were also questions like who was reputed to be the "most handsome man in America" in 1863, which was JOhn Wilkes Booth apparently. *headdesk*. Anyway, to sum it up, we sucked and the pitcher of beer was ours :)

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Anonymous said...

I would not have been able to help you with NCAA questions. I suck at sports trivia.

But I must admit, 14 *is* an impressively low score...

-- Ploppy.