Tuesday, October 02, 2007

coffee nerds

So they bought us these 2 fancy Starbucks automatic coffee makers for our kitchen earlier in the year. They are super nice, you just press a button and it makes coffee. Yes, it is an continuing effort, along with lunch delivery and wi-fi commuter busses, to keep us at work 24/7. So as soon as these two darlings came to be with us, it became indispensable. People use it hundreds of times a day and like all things under the law of entropy, it has started to gradually break down (albeit at a slower pace than the copier printers DAMN THEM~! *cough). So today I wandered into the kitchen to find one of the machine is again broken. I don't really use them so I was only mildly interested. but I saw there were a whole bunch of post-it notes on them which peaked my curiosity.

The first one said :" the normal coffee option is broken" (quite normal)
Then someone wrote underneath that line "WEAK SAUCE!" (this guy needs his coffee)
Then, someone tore a small piece of Post It and put it on top of that one and wrote "Flog it harder!!" ()_0

Then, someone put another post -it right next to that one that said :

"Severity : 1"
"Priority: 1"

-_-!! this is how you know you work with a bunch of geeks..

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Tochi said...

We have a bunch of notes on our coffee machines as well. Being in compilers/computer hardware, my favourite one so far is "Please employ coffee prefetching to hide brewing latency." -_-!!