Friday, October 05, 2007


So I was standing in the microwave line in the kitchen today. I was second in line, so I nudged up to the first guy( my coworker) in line to peek at his lunch since I know his wife is a really good cook. So we were talking about his stirfry when I saw another guy walk in on my peripheral vision. I figure he is just another guy waiting to use the microwave. I saw him went to the fridge, pull something out and then stood to the other side of me and grabbed a plate. So I turned my head to see what he brought (what can I say, I like to look at people's lunch lol). and behold, like magic, he pulled out an ENTIRE straight-offthe grill rotiserrie chicken onto the plate. My jaw dropped, this is when I realize the "thing" he pulled out from the fridge was one of those plastic chicken containers that places like Costco sell. My coworker and I started laughing and I asked "is that your lunch", the guy sheepishly said "yeah, I need alot of protein". O_o!

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