Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halo Kitty Rules!

Happy Halloween everyone :)

Our building organized trick or treat for the kids. You can bring your kids around every office and get candy. So today I put out the candy and the sign that says "you can trick or treat here". Everything is going really well and everybody that walked by is complimenting us on our awesome window poster

Then, this really cute girl about 5 years old came by with her mom. She is in a Disney Snow White costume. She said "hi", and got some candy. I was just thinking "awww she is so cute". When her mom saw our poster so she said to the girl "hey! look it is a Halo Kitty poster, how cute!! you remember this right? we were testing this together the night before it came out, we let you play with the controller and kill mommy!" -_-!!

You can only hear this kind of conversation in our building hee hee.


Tochi said...

That's an awesome poster!

Kungfucius said...

I concur on the awesome poster :)