Monday, October 01, 2007

Damn those skulls

So I guess this is why Velius has been making me do all these sick acrobatics, that results me in falling off various objects continuously. How come I never noticed these Skull "effects"? do you have to do them in Legendary?

Halo 3 Skulls and Efffects

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Velius said...

You can turn them on when you edit campaign options. They give you a multiplier for when you turn on the Team scoring mode to help with those 'get 15,000 points achievements' for each stage. Plus I love the Grunt birthday party skull, make them explode like a pinata when you headshot them along with cheering! =)

Just to clarify, the continuously falling off cliffs had nothing to do with getting skulls, it was purely for my own amusement. =p