Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Project 365 day 24

I have a big backlog of pictures again, for some reason i never remember to go post them -_-

M's birthday was this last Friday so on Saturday, for celebration, we went to the performance of "Butterfly Lover"(梁祝)by the Beijing Dance Academy on their world tour. The show itself was fantastic. The first half was made up of several short dances, encompassing both traditional and modern dance forms. The traditional dance are basically court dances from thousands of years ago. There were several modern dance that was quite interesting, one is this weird interpretive dance set to Chinese Rap except all the dancers were wearing Beijing Opera costumes. Very weird. The second half was the full 25 minute set of the Dance Drama "Butterfly Lover" which is basically Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet. It was amazing! The dancers were so exquisite and the music was so moving. I think it was the best dance I have ever seen!
I actually felt sorry for the dance troupe because the theatre was barely 1/3 full and they were pretty bad at organizing. For example, they didn't do much of advertising at all for tickets, unlike that Sheng Yun dance troupe that had posters everywhere!. Then at the theatre, they didn't have the program until the show almost started and they didn't have any sort of introductions. I feel like their talent was not being appreciated because most people here didn't even know they came! What a loss!

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