Saturday, March 06, 2010

project 365 day 31

Today, I went on my first hike of the year: Talapus Lake. This is rather early to start the hiking season but this winter has been unseasonably warm (sorry Eastcoasters). The organizers figure the snow will not be stopping us. This is rather an easy hike, about 4.4 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1200ft. It is really just a warm up. The first half of the hike was relatively easy and dry. Then we got to the second half, where the trail was covered with 1 feet of compacted snow which is basically ice. That was not bad going up, but coming down was really tricky. I fell once. The trail ended at Talapus Lake which is surrounded by mountain peaks and completely frozen over. It was really lovely and a gorgeous day for the hike.


Tochi said...

Wow, that's quite pretty!! Hope your little slip wasn't too bad.

moonfleck said...

nah, it was fine, just got dirty pants. Yeah, what a gorgeous day!