Friday, March 12, 2010

project 365 day 36

Continuation of the Sake theme. Hmm as I am writing this, I realized I probably should have tried a different setting for the pictures rather than just doing it in the exactly spot. Will think about it some more next time. This is Kikusui, a Junmai Ginjo as opposed to the sweet Nigori in the last post. Junmai Ginjo is more of a traditional sake type. It is clear high grade rice wine. This particular brand is actually extremely good. Very light and smooth and with just a hint of alcohol taste. This is Ninja's favorite so far. Since my judgment of whether a drink is good is how much I can not taste the alcohol. I'd say this is my favorite as well haha. It does come with a big pricetag. This is about 13 bucks while the Sayuri was only 6 bucks haha. Both bottles are small sample size bottles.

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