Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Butterfly Effect

I woke up today and opened my browser to surf the web like I always do. Then I realized I can't really open any of the regular chinese websites that I check. grrr!! At first I thought maybe there is a crackdown on chinese websites or something, cause you know how paranoid they are. But then I opened up google and found out THIS happened! I almost forget how internet gets from one continent for another. You think that a random earthquake in Asia can't possibly affect you in any meaningful way until you can't open up those 3 website that you check every day. I feel bad for the people over there. :(

ETA: yay, 1 inch of snow today. It better not freeze.


Ender said...

Just watched some episodes - they're funny in a really awkward cringing sort of way.

Kabitzin said...

Wrong post, dude. L2Comment.

On topic, I can only imagine the pandemonium in Asia as the servers all went down.