Monday, December 18, 2006

Great Christmas Blackout of 2006 part II: catfight at Barnes and Nobles

It is hard to imagine what people did for fun in the 18th century, before radio, tv and of course internet. Fortunately our measly fireplace is still working (thank god for Gas). What can you do in candlelight? M gotten so bored she has taken up knitting, she is on her way to a pair of warm socks, just in time for Spring I think.

I dabbled a little on the piano like a good 18th century girl. It was all pleasant and quiet and ..... PLEASE BRING BACK THE INTERNET!!!

Having decided that cellphones needed charging, we decided to go to the only powered Barnes and Nobles in a 30 mile radius. When we got there, it seems everyone else had the same idea. Every single plug in there and the starbucks next door is taken (they were also giving out free coffee over there, very popular). So I watched like a hawk for an opening and AHa, there is one! There was a plug where there is only a charger with no phone attached. Well it is MINE. I just took off the charger and put it aside and plugged in my phone when this furious girl decided to come by and yell at me for removing her charging from "her" plug. Well Excuse me!! *Snap* (well that would have worked better if I didn't look 15 and totally nonthreatening). I calmly explained to her that she doesn't own the plug and I ain't taking my phone out. So after going back and forth a while, we agreed that I should have 10 minutes, I really only agreed to get her to go away (really). M, meanwhile, has already sneaked away looking for another plug, because of course she is infinitely more wise than me as she is fond of reminding me everyday. She found one by the bathroom in 2 minutes flat so we quietly stole away, I very evilly hoped that while I was gone, some other poor soul will find that plug and then having no idea of our 10 minutes arrangement, cellphone girl would have to give it up. muhahhahah!! *cough cough*. So that ends my cellphone battle.

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