Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pure Pwnage

Pure Pwnage: This link was sent to me while I was catching up with some old friends from college. It is a internet tv show made by some Canadian students that is a funny look at the life of a Pro Gamer, complete with a Ninja master, evil gamers, love and betrayal and lots of Pwnage. The filmmaker is a Phy student and the guy who plays the main character Jeremy is a real life pro gamer. Apparently this is pretty popular on the internet, after going through the website I realized that my next door co worker dude wears the "I pwn noobs" t shirt sometimes. Now I finally know why hahhaa. For all you lovely WoW people, there are some pretty funny stuff on Episode 6 and Episode 7.


Kabitzin said...

Just spent forever watching season 1. A few bits of corniness, but it really hits its stride towards the end. Very awesome, and some of the extras are really amusing.

Velius said...

I love the satire it uses. "My last boyfriend was addicted to drugs. He used them to escape reality. I just couldn't deal with that"