Wednesday, December 20, 2006

interesting gift ideas.

spam sometimes gives one hours of amusement. I received this one today from Equifax that starts off with

"The holidays are almost here! If you're stuck for last minute gift ideas, why not give an Equifax Gift Certificate? There's still time to purchase this thoughtful gift for a special someone, empowering them to understand their credit health – it's the gift that keeps on giving."

Which seems normal enough until you figure out that Equifax is a credit report company. They give you your credit rating for a price. So really what does that say when you give someone a gift certificate from Equifax? That you are suspicious of their financials?

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Velius said...

Of course not, it's just their way of saying, look, I wasn't planning on getting you anything, but looking back, I feel bad and decided to get you something completely useless. On a completely different note, How's your credit? I have some good gift ideas for you to find that out.