Monday, December 18, 2006

The Great Christmas Blackout of 2006 Part III: Shady dealings and Spending Money

One of the annoying side effects of spending all one's time at the mall is that one tends to collect various completely unnecessary things throughout the day. After spending two days at the mall, I have managed to "collect" a nice shirt, 2 pair of pants, one very pretty scarf and other unmentionables, not to mention the 3 movies I saw while M was out on her date. It is a good thing that power came back on cause I had my eye on that 200 dollar coat for collecting also.

Of course, no amount of collecting can possibly top the exorbant amount of money I spent in buying my dear car. I already had this dealer lined up and price almost bargained down last week. This Saturday was suppose to be the day the deal is done. I figure I should at least go take a look and see if they are open, and yes they are open and no they have no power. M at this time was incredibly stressed out about the car, more so even than me so she insisted on getting it over with. We sat down in the dark and cold dungeon..I mean dealership and started haggling with a new guy since the our old dealer couldn't make it. You'd think, sitting in an room without heat and light and no computers would make the process faster and painless but of course not. We ended up arguing back and forth over two hundred bucks for an hour before the dealer finally relented, pretending to tell us that we got a great buy and it only happened because of the blackout. Right... I have this bridge I can sell you too, a powerless one. Since the computer was not working, we had to do everything by real paper.. gasp.. As I was signing my purchase agreement, i noticed that my finger was bleeding a littel from being out in the cold and lacking moisturizers (note to self, put on moisturizer before signing away entire savings). So basically the piece of paper got smeared and I signed the sheet in my blood. The dealer seems remarkably unimpressed by it, they must see that alot.

So Saturday turned out to be the day in my life where I spent the most money all in one day.


Velius said...

You should have actually bit your finger and signed the entire thing in blood. Tell him it's a tradition in the family. I bet you would have creeped the guy out enough to give you additional discounts.

posh said...

Congrats on the car! I hope you like it.